The Story

Steven Grant, born and raised in Chicago, made a career from sign painting and owned and ran a sign business until 2013.   Since his early days of lettering showcards, his brushwork was always his strength, but the sign trade became more and more a product of computers. Longing to work with a brush again, he eventually pursued artistic painting. He studied portrait painting and figure drawing for many years until he found his way to a sumi-e teacher at the Art Institute. From there he found a Master Chinese painter to teach him the “ Chinese Way” This felt like home to him and continues to guide his current work.


Art Education

Richard Halstead, Portrait Stuio 1995-2013
Madeleine Jossum, Sumi-E, Art Institute 1998-2001
Andy Hoi-Csiu Chan, Chinese Painter 2001-2004


Artist Statement

3“Gestures of spontaneous brushwork on paper expressing gratitude for the natural world. Manmade objects appear to me as if made to challenge, compete and fight with nature to survive. But when I observe Mother Nature at work, I am witness to her superior and effortless management skills. Everywhere we look, the natural landscape is in perfect harmony. All so seemingly chaotic and random, yet perfectly simple and complete! In order to express this harmony in my paintings, I need only to experience the natural world around me! Wanting to respond in appreciation for the wonder of what I’m being shown, I empower the brush to spontaneously respond with a gesture that captures the spark of life. The collaborative connection I feel takes me to the awareness that there are no ordinary moments.”

~Steve Grant